20+ essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy

  • Next-Gen Folate for Baby’s Brain Development.
  • Time-Release Iron for No Bloating & Gas.
  • Vegetarian Omega 3 (DHA: EPA).

3-Stage Patented Formulation for Each Trimester


Trimacare™ 1

Pregnancy Supplement for Preconception & 1st Trimester of Pregnancy


Trimacare™ 2

Pregnancy Supplement for 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy


Trimacare™ 3

Pregnancy Supplement for 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy & Lactation

Choose TRIMACARE™ if you are*:

At any stage in your pregnancy journey you can take benefit of TRIMACARE™



to Conceive

*Food for Special Dietary Use; to be taken under medical advice only.

Your Ultimate Partner for a Healthy Pregnancy

Baby's brain & cognitive development

Support baby’s brain function & cognitive development with Folate, Iodine & Omega 3.

Baby's weight & organ development

Support bone health, blood flow, weight & organ development with Iron, Calcium & Vitamin D.

Mother's health & recovery

Support mother’s energy, immunity & reduce pregnancy symptoms with Iron, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Vitamin E & Magnesium.

Reduce Pregnancy Symptoms

Formulated by experts for each trimester

Did You know?

Trusted by 1000+ doctors, loved by 1 Lac+ mothers

Frequently Asked Questions

No, TRIMACARE™ pregnancy supplement provides optimum nutrition required by pregnant. Do not overdose. It is manufactured in a GMP certified unit with advanced ingredients & is GMO-free. There are no reported side-effects.
Yes, TRIMACARE™ is safe for pregnancy. Inform your doctor when you are taking TRIMACARE™.
TRIMACARE™ is a nutritional supplement, not a drug. It is designed to provide essential vitamins & minerals to support overall well-being of mother & child during pregnancy.
Absolutely! You can start TRIMACARE™ at any stage of your pregnancy. Choose based on your current stage of pregnancy.
No, typically you don't need to take separate Folic Acid, Iron & Calcium tablets when you are taking TRIMACARE™. However, if your have severe deficiencies or any other medical requirement, then your may add more supplements.
Inform your doctor when your are taking TRIMACARE™.
Yes, Trimacare™ Prenatal Tablets are 100% vegetarian

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